4-Piece Sunflower Jewelry Set
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4-Piece Sunflower Jewelry Set

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Size: necklace+earring+ring+bracelet+gift box
necklace+earring+ring+bracelet+gift box
Product description

Beauty meets function with the latest sunflower jewelry set designed by JewelryDemand. The four jewelry items are all sterling silver-topped, giving them a luxury feel. From adding glamour to every day to increased visibility on the world stage, this set will be sure to leave you staring into the beautiful sunflowers for hours.

Wear it every day or dress up for an elegant night out! Embellished with genuine sunflower petals captured in resin, this jewelry set contains a chain necklace, bracelet, earring stud, and a ring.

The bright colors of the piece reflect a joyful and carefree time that we all long for during the colder months. Sunflower Jewelry's stunning simplicity and delicately enchanting charm will never go out of style! Pick up yours while supplies last!

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